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2 Cs I can’t avoid, Coronavirus and Cancer

Pretty Til Dawn’s new journey. Feeling #PrettyUndone as I deal with having breast cancer and a bilateral mastectomy during Covid19. #DawnStrong

What is your destiny? Be a risk taker. Follow your heart and live your best life!

Follow your heart. Try faith. I’m writing a story because I felt the need to change my life and take a new path to my destiny. If you ever feel a constant tugging, take heed.

How to Style Clip In Kinky Straight Hair Extensions Video. Hair for the Executive on the Go.

Executive Hairstyle: How to style kinky straight hair extensions. For the executive on the go.

Find Your Way to Meditate or Pray for Clarity and Resolution.

Custom meditation has proven time and time again through my life that there is a guiding spirit that will show you how to move forward.

Is Experience Bias Affecting Your Relationships?

Experience bias: Don’t let your past drive decisions in your life. Your relationships can be stronger and more meaningful.

A Novice Blogger Slip Up. Lost My URL to a Stranger.

Rebirth of PrettyTilDawn. Sharing advice about aging, honesty, relationships, style and fun.