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What is your destiny? Be a risk taker. Follow your heart and live your best life!

Follow your heart. Try faith. I’m writing a story because I felt the need to change my life and take a new path to my destiny. If you ever feel a constant tugging, take heed.

Fast and Easy Shrimp Dinner Recipe for the Executive on the Go.

Quick and easy shrimp dinner recipe; for the executive on the go. Executive lifestyle.

How to Style Clip In Kinky Straight Hair Extensions Video. Hair for the Executive on the Go.

Executive Hairstyle: How to style kinky straight hair extensions. For the executive on the go.

Unpacking Ageism- Be Armed and Ready to combat biases.

Dawn talks ageism as a bias and looking younger than expected. #CombatBias #HAATBP

7 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Eating Lifestyle while Traveling.

7 Tips for how to maintain a mindful and healthy eating lifestyle while on corporate trip