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A long, long time ago, a man without a face, collecting popular website domains, was waiting in the shadows for a novice blogger to slip up, and she did. Faceless took something very special from me, my domain “PrettyTilDawn“.

I invested in a professional to design and manage set up of my site. My supposedly knowledgeable expert didn’t set up the content back-up feature and everything was deleted.

Why me? I’m nobody. Who the heck would want my unknown website.  then I freaked out, cursed up a storm and damned him.  There are a million sites out there, who the heck cares about this one?

Of course I found value in it and thought my content could reach a large audience someday. Unexpected opportunities would occur, such as I was approved to shoot designer showcases at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, including as L.A.M.B., Custo Barcelona and Phillip Lim. I also received backstage access and a press badge to Couture Fashion Week.  This struck me a valuable since I didn’t have any industry references, very little content and no connections.  I was basically a no-name slipping through the fashion industry cracks.

For years I would check just to see if my domain was released. Repeatedly the buy-back price would climb. I was told, since it means so much to you, just buy it back. But Aries don’t play that.  I wasn’t letting a thief profit off my naivety! So I did what a true Aries would do, waited him out for what was mine.

On January 1, 2018, at the crack of “dawn”…

I,  Dawn Fitch-Mitch aka PrettyTilDawn aka Carmel Barbie aka mother of a photographer/ copywriter and a game designer was reunited wtih  “PrettyTilDawn” for $11.99.


Keep on top of your business, pay attention to time and plan for your rebirth and don’t ever give up on what you want.

~dawn fitch-mitch


Popularity of Influenster is skyrocketing so quickly because the top brands associated share full size products. This is the place to find, research and read real consumer reviews about new products.  As one of the newest to the Influenster family, I could barely contain my excitement when chosen for the #finessevoxbox.

If you know me, I get a kick out of trying to be super healthy and super cute and all that came in this box.. That said, if you like sampling new products, go check out the app and get you some mail love.

My #FinesseVoxBox came with several delicious products including organic Minute Rice, Ready-To-Serve red quinoa and brown rice with garlic, which is perfect for women who spend a lot of time traveling as it is ready-to-serve in 60 seconds.  The Olly Nutrition Single Serve Smoothie-Nourishment i was pleasantly surprised by because weird textures usually come from packet smoothies.  Olly Nutrition has enlightened my nourishment palette. While is was ever so creamy going down, I’m not sure I felt more energy, but I definitely recognized how this drink controlled the hangry in me.

My two favorites in the Influenster #finessevoxbox are Not Your Mother’s Brands #NYMSeaKale Coconut Water Mousse and  Essie Gel Couture long-lasting nail color.

The Essie Gel Couture not only comes in a clearly high-end contoured bottle, it actually feels like it was designed for the manicurists’ comfort. The curves cause the bottle to lay comfortably between my fingers. The clear top coat and color. gala-vaniting sparkles in the sunlight. Seriously, the Essie Courture gloss game is on.

As a novice to the “Not Your Mother’s Brands” products,  who has been trying to get her hands on their Tahitian Gardenia Flower & Mango Butter Curl Defining Detangler I see why the shelves are empty. The Coconut Water Mouse is for the #curlygirl who loves her hair defined and soft.  I’ve tested it on natural curly and synthetic protective styles and recommend giving it a whirl.  This mousse softened my the texture and added volume while a soft coconut aroma lingered.

I can’t wait to be invited for more products. I hear the next one is going to be amazing.

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