Clean Corporate Makeup Look. Step by Step Written Instructions for the Executive On the Go


Pretty Inspiring: Speak your truth and don’t let anyone or anything steal your voice.  As a matter of fact, speak louder and drown out all negativity and remove all stressor triggers.  For this last day of the year, thank God for what you have today and for what he is going to make happen, mediate on positive change 2019, visualize great outcomes, vow to take a breath before spewing words through anger and remove anyone from your life that is not on your team.

My Speak Your Truth Louder t-shirt made me enthusiastic about this post.  I purchased it at a conference I attended earlier this year called, ADCOLOR; an organization supporting people of color in advertising. Talk about inspirational, hearing the reality and truths of so many amazing people of color inspired me even more to put out content that I love. Maybe, just maybe it will help or touch someone.  More about me in another post to come soon.

If you’d like to try this makeup look to stay #PrettyTilDawn, keep reading.

Pretty Makeup: How to Step by Step 

Brushes used include Bdellium, Fenty, KKW and Beauty Blender.

Step 1: Prep freshly washed skin by applying Farsalicare Unicorn Essence with fingertips.

Step 2: Apply Fenty Beauty #profiltrprimer with fingertips.

Step 3: Apply Fenty Beauty #profilterfoundation With @beautyblender #310.

Step 4: Apply KKW Beauty #liquidconcealers #10 and blend with flat tip of double sided Brush II.

Step 5: Apply KKW Beauty #bakingpowder #3 and bake while applying shadow.

Step 6: Prime eyelid Fenty Beauty Amplifying Eye Primer.

Step 7: Using Fenty Brush lightly apply Killawatt freestyle highlighter palette Heartburn heavier on outside crease.

Step 8: Dab Fenty Killawatt freestyle highlighter palette Chillz heavy in center of eyelid and lightly around the rest of the lids.

Step 9: Swipe off KKW Baking Powder w/ other end of Brush II.  The concealer brush two, happens to be 40% off right now.

Step 10: Apply stripe of KKW liquid concealer #14 to high cheekbone, very close, underneath where blush is applied and along your chin-bones.

Step 11: Blend downward at each contour w/ Beauty Blender sponge.

Step 12: Dust Laura Mercier translucent setting powder over your entire #PrettyFace.

Step 13: Apply 3 layers of Milk Makeup Kush Mascara.

Step 14: Circularly apply Sephora Micro Smooth powder #40.

Step 15: Smooth on a light coat of Coconut oil to lips for smooth natural smoochers. Also, remember the coconut oil is an excellent waterproof makeup remover.

And finally, so you can stay #PrettyTilDawn all day with this working woman natural makeup final step follow the final step. 

Step 16: Mist with one of the best finishing sprays by Skindinavia Makeup. 

Hope you try these steps for a clean makeup look, especially if you have a 9-5 and let me know how it works out or if you have any questions.

Coming next is the Pretty Til Dawn You Tube LifeStyle Channel. My goal is to inspire you with positive affirmations, makeup tutorials, chat sessions, taking care of your body, relationships, various styles, executive fashion, maturing challenges  women face and love.

Together we will grow prettier on the inside and the outside!

Dawn aka Carmel Barbie

Ageism- Be Armed and Ready to combat biases.

After participating on the #HAATBP panel where a few of us were able to express the challenge of Ageism and how to deal, I wanted to share a piece of what I’ve dealt with.  Ageism is a real bias and it’s popping up in conversation everywhere. My experience with this type of prejudice is different than the most popular discussions, which is against either the older or the younger.

My social isolation of ageism addresses looking younger than my actual age.  The government set a law against discrimination of persons age 40 and above.  What happens if you are above 40 and look younger? Of the various Many may refer to looking younger, perceived younger as a positive bias. Which makes them say intelligent things like; “you still get carded – that’s a good thing or black don’t crack.”

While implicit or negative ageism bias can be considered unintended, consider those recipients hearing the comments as insulting and hurtful. Most of the time, the assumption are that I could not be experienced enough to drive success for a major corporation or strong enough to lead teams, let alone those dominated by white males.

I have a coping mechanism for this type of inequality and it’s the power of storytelling. I personally can’t think of a single situation where a story isn’t used to combat bias.  This is especially helpful when on a job interview or in engaging in a chat with high-powered people. I have customized a “personal brand” elevator pitch and I deliver it early in conversations to level set and break the bias thoughts running through people’s heads while they are supposed to be listening. I’ve found that sharing where you work and how many years is simply not enough information to forge past unintentional judgements.

“My name is Dawn Fitch-Mitchell”- most will assume I have taken on a hyphen in my name for a reason.  “I have two creative adult children, both graduated from SCAD University and now have careers to support themselves.”  Responses include: “Gasp”- “WTF!”, “Shut Up!”, “No Way!” or the polite response, “You must be proud and look so young”.

Now I want you to imagine this follow up question to me, ” So, you were a teenage mom?!?”

With confusion I stare back…

pretty til dawn
don’t let the young face fool you.

If I must build my credibility further, I go on to say, “I owned a modeling agency, I’ve managed teams, I trained as a cosmetologist, model agent, acting coach, managed vendor systems for US and Global in large companies like BMS and AIG, I was and am a CEO, I am an advisor, implemented diversity programs at large agencies, I am an unconscious bias trainer and peer pressure counselor for teens.” This is not bragging, but these are a bunch of responses loaded into my “combat bias bag of tricks”.

What people can’t know just by looking at me is that my career path was layered with multiple tiers of learning, tears and bias interactions, successes, mentors, failures, mentoring and more.  Dealing with situations, people, circumstances, legal and beyond is part of my adult experience makeup, which can make me just the person to fit the position of your search.

I said all this to say, don’t be put off by the non-believers, haters, bias norms, the questioners and those who judge you based on what they see versus what the know.  Instead, arch your back, put your chin up, guard your loins with the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23, love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance) and state your truth, all with a smile.

Thanks for listening.

Dawn Fitch-Mitchell

AKA Pretty Til Dawn, AKA Carmel Barbie

Is Experience Bias Affecting Your Relationships?

Don’t let your past drive experience bias in your life.  A memory can be detrimental your relationships, both personal and business. This cognitive bias keeps true happiness at bay and may people have no idea they are impeding their ability to be a stronger leader, a better lover and an amazing friend.

Think back to a time where you were in a disagreement with a colleague or lover.  If you dig down deep beyond the surface of your reason for not dating someone that your friends keep asking, “what’s wrong with them, cause if you don’t want that catch, I’ll take ‘em?”.  How about in business, not hiring an almost great candidate because the pedigree of education from the state college, doesn’t quite fit in to your clique of elites or you associate mannerisms to an ex because they lived in the same neighborhood- there for this candidate will be so annoying.

This fundamental error of judging and using people’s behavior or personality as the driver for your decisions is downright bias.  It’s unconscious but bias all the same.

So next time you want to reject someone because they don’t “act” like you expect, or they don’t “come from” your class, do yourself a favor, just “PAUSE”.  Think about the amazing experience you could have by asking questions. Think of every opportunity when connecting with someone new as an opportunity to learn, expand your cultural knowledge and reduce your Experience Bias.  One small action will eventually become a way of life-a more open, engaging and thoughtful moment of time.

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