How to Make Your Wig Part Look Natural in Four Easy Steps. Executive Hair Advice

Let’s make sure your crowning glory is looking as natural as well can get it. We are going to do this in four easy steps and in less than five minutes.

Your wig is like your favorite piece of jewelry, an amazing accessory that finishes off your fabulousness. So, we have to make sure people are staring at you because of your amazing look and style and not your distracting wiggy, doll head. #nooffence

After you’ve laid your wig with your favorite holding product, the part needs to stand out. The reason to take this extra step is because it will do three things:

1. Most importantly, add to the realism of your final look.

2. Disguise the look of the knots, which are the result of how the hair is connected to the wig cap.

3. For some who are not stylists, this is an alternative to bleaching the knots.

You can accomplish this using many different products such as concealer, face powder, light eyeshadow and foundation. For this look I am using Cover FX foundation.

Follow the instructions below and watch the video for additional guince.

Tools needed: A flat thin concealer brush, foundation and a wig already in its final position. I use Got2b glued freezing spray for a worry free day.

How to Define Wig Part:

Step one: Part the wig in the direction you want you hair to fall. For this you can use a comb or rat tail comb.

Step two: Dip concealer brush into a drop of foundation as many times as needed to complete the length of the part.

Step three: starting in any area along the part, dab the edge of the brush lightly onto the head.

Step four: Using fingernails or a comb, rustle the hairline of the part to blend the foundation that may have gotten on your hair. If that doesn’t help and you still have excess, grab a q-tip, dip into alcohol and apply the the hairs with too much product.

Check your face for visible knots. Ensure you apply color along the edge of the hairline on the face if needed.

As you are off to your morning, I am sending you positive vibes filled with confidence.

Please come back and show me how it worked out. Please share any tips you have.

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