“If you’re not a risk taker, in my opinion you’re probably not living your best life and you’re definitely not on the way to your destiny.”

Sometimes it’s hard to see through mucky waters. TRY FAITH. Then watch your meanings in life become Unquestionably Clear.

I woke up on July 30th 2019 and felt this need for change. I mentioned my life pivot to just one person, my daughter. I happened to be on the trip in Chicago, where she resides. I said to my baby girl, who happens to be a 24 year old adult, that there’s this tugging inside forcing me to make a change.

There were many, many reasons that this change could be great and a couple that were directly conflicting with the simplicity of my life as it was. One major reason for the move is that my parents are getting older and my mother feels happiest when I’m around. Another reason included invoking peace and mental reset gained by grounding myself with nature.

When I go to the beach, put my feet in the water, plant my feet in the sand, look up to the heavens and soak in the sun and whisper prayers to the Almighty; all the stress and worries of the week washes away.

Back to how this happened: on July 31, 2019, I sent a text to two of my best friends and said, “I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I just broke my apartment lease and I’m moving to Asbury Park.” The response from one made me laugh out loud literally- “we already know you’re crazy.” Essentially they both said'” we got you.” That’s what happens when you surround yourself with people that know you, love you and will throw out a net for you when you take a leap of faith.

I’m writing a story because if you ever feel a constant tugging, take heed. If you feel and urgent need to do something, you need to do it.

I don’t know, today why I needed to make this change. However, I sense there’s a trajectory change of my future and I don’t want you to ignore the signs guiding you towards your destiny.

Fear generally stops me and it did try to set in after the fact. After the high wire off and I told a couple more people, buyers remorse was setting in. You know that feeling, it’s like a gut punch that comes as a delayed reaction, a knot in your throat, the over questioning of your self once or the voice of doubt sounds like thunder, louder than ever.

I am here to tell you when you get that feeling, your heart is telling you that without a doubt you are making a right decision-have faith and trust God.

This is not meant to be some religious sermon and you shouldn’t take it as such. Faith is an action that people take every day.

So I challenge you to try faith! Listen and do what your internal compass is telling you to do.

I’ve never been happier. My home finally actually feels like a home. My weekends finally feel like a reset so that on Monday I am the best employee, entrepreneur and creative talent that I could ever be.

This is one of my little stories about taking a leap of faith, and doing something that, at the moment, did not make sense.

Yet, my decision made all the sense in the world. What’s your story?

Sending you positive vibes,




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