Quick and Easy Shrimp Dinner Recipe for the Executive on the go.

Mustard greens and shrimp
Keeping making life easier with simple meals

Mustard greens and shrimp

Start off by getting yourself some copper pans because they literally will save time while cooking, efforts when cleaning and you won’t have to worry about balance of temperature. These pans are so amazing, I just don’t know how I’ve ever cooked without! This investment was so worth it because my “ #prettydelish” meals turn out tastier and quicker.

I wasn’t sure how this was going to come out because I tried something new with the mustard greens. First, I added shrimp which is not the norm-and then I was eating with 30 mins.

Coat the pan bottom with olive oil and add shrimp when the oil is hot.

Another key ingredient is bone broth powder, combined with bottled water and additional seasonings; cookon medium low.

Some of the benefits of bone broth are help with restless sleeping, joint pain, weight loss and can reduce inflammation. Since I have knee issues and insomnia many times this ingredient is helpful for me.

Cover with lid for 10-15 mins. Now if your like your greens more al dente then cut off otter 5-10 low boil.

Start shrimp in another pan at same time with little olive oil, pepper, lemon pepper seasoning and then once it was very close to done, put in with the mustard greens to continue to cook in the broth.  

Wash down with Chopin Vodka and soda with squirt of lemon to cleanse the system. 😂

Disclosure- I made sure to have had at least 3/4 gallon of water or more and then I could sip and finish before 8:30pm.

This time makes for a better night’s sleep.


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