Song on repeat. Focus your thoughts on the goal of resolution and clarity. Meaning, something may feel unsolved and you may need guidance. But how? That same question I’ve asked myself.

Meditation is to clear the mind and prayer is to clear the spirit. Both come from feeling unsettled and a need to find peace or figure out how to help yourself. Both need focus and patience.

I use to wonder why I didn’t hear that voice of God that people say they hear. I would be like- I am meditating, praying and thanking God for what has done. Recently, I finally put some thought into my concern and realized I wasn’t really spending quality time giving thanks or waiting for an answer. I was only focused for a few minutes and with this quick approach to meditation I couldn’t receive the answers I was looking for.

Then I had an aha moment. I realized, I don’t have to follow specific rules to seek help from a higher power. Who’s to say I’m not meditating, praying or giving thanks because I don’t set a timer, sit on a pillow or focus my breathing? It dawned on me (no pun intended) that my non-traditional method to clarity came naturally to me and it works.

So I release every thought that should be tossed out and I focus on peace and love.

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To set my atmosphere for a customized mediation method I use music, unplanned activities, my voice and patience. Scrolling through my Spotify playlist, I land on a special song with an amazing message that lights a fire inside me. Using my voice I ask for guidance, clarity and help with a specific problem. Activities like cleaning, drawing, dancing, crying and lighting candles keeps me relaxed and still in the moment.

As I show gratefulness to my creator, I really feel the song which begins to send waves of joy from my head to my toe, while allowing myself to release the pain, anxiety and sorrow. Patiently I wait for the answers I need; I let lyrics fill my head, my words circle the atmosphere and the feeling of peace move through my body and settle into my soul. The result is liberating and saves me from my destructive subconscious. We all know, we can be our own worst silent enemy.

Only today, at age 48, am I paying enough attention to myself to realize that I have always received answers to my problems or knew what to do next. I also realized that voice of God can respond in more than one way. Some hear His vocal response, while others feel him pulling their heart in a certain direction. Most times at completion of my meditation, I feel a wave of joy that bring me to tears; then I know I have received my answer.

Custom meditation has proven time and time again through my life that there is a guiding spirit that will show you how to move forward. For instance last month; I was dancing, cleaning, attempting to sing at the same tempo to “Aretha Franklin’s, You’re all I need to get by” and asking for guidance and clarity. About an hour later with tears and visions, I finally understood what I needed to do and how to move forward.

Believe in that “feeling” in your gut. When you know something is right for you, understand that there is an internal North Star that will guide you to your destiny. I took the long way to figure all this out. Hopefully, I save you some time.

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What is your meditation method? How do you seek the answers you need from a higher being? Talk to me.

Your positive vibe guide keeping you feeling and looking Pretty til Dawn. 





    1. HI.While I’m very late in responding to you. I want you to know I appreciate your response. I too at a later age am still figuring out, as you mentioned, we are all on our own paths to peace. I hope you are still on a wonderful journey with peach and prosperity.

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