Don’t act like global warming isn’t real. Respect our earth poem.


How can you not believe in global warming, climate change issues and doing everything in your power to preserve Earth?  This year the NYC Mayor’s office and Department of Cultural Affairs celebrates National Poetry month with and the ninth annual #PoetweetNYC Twitter poetry contest with recognition of Earth Day.

This year Earth Day lands on April 22nd and the contest runs through Friday, April 20th. Winners to be announced on Poem in your Pocket Day on April 26th via Twitter.  Make sure you follow @NYCMayorsOffice and @NYCulture Twitter accounts to find out the winners. Read more about NYC’s plan to protect its forests from climate change in this article from the Metro (click here).

My contribution is below. I broke it up into two submissions to meet Twitter requirements.

Follow me @PrettyTilDawnn and share your poems; I would love to indulge in your creative omens.  (See what I did there?)

Believe climate change is a hoax? Break the yokes, stop living under cloaks, wearing toques and free our oaks.

Acknowledge waterfronts, forests and parks on the verge of dying; translates to fresh air, flowers and all environmental assets crying.

Why close your eyes? Open you soul windows to be free and see; your blindness contributes to earth’s demise.

As Americans, vow to nurture our land, take a stand to offer nursing hands.

And Government, it’s simple, just ensure, launch of NYC Forest Protect Plan, Years 24.

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