I’m headed to Dallas for a conference that celebrates women in business -WBENC and I find myself freaking out because I don’t know how I’m going to eat properly all week. In efforts of a healthy lifestyle, I’ve been on an extremely restricted diet for the past month and I and I have 15 more days to go. This lifestyle includes the absolute minimal of carbs, close to zero, if I can help it. Examples of two carbohydrates allowed include Snack Factory Pretzel Chips and Cheerios. In addition, I am not eating sugar, nor oils and the only dairy is two splashes of coconut cream in my coffee in the morning.

What am I actually eating you ask?  Lean meats and fish with one veggie per meal.  Snacks include green apples and pickles to satisfy my need to crunch. So you can imagine why am freaking out! I have no idea how I’m going to stick to this for the next five days while on the road.


My challenges are associated with sugar, portion control and ingredients awareness.   With a no sugar intake approach, means no wine (my go to libation) with the dinners or at the receptions.  Since I’m not cooking, I lose caloric control by not knowing every seasoning applied.  The challenge will be to avoid indulging the yummy treats served constantly to feed our energy.  The toughest part is completing the eating cycle between the hours of 12 PM and 7 PM.

Stress alert: I’m sweating right now just thinking about how I’m going to make sure that happens.  Check out seven tips to travel eating lifestyle solutions which include protein bars, vitamins, water, exercise, no sugar cocktails or modified vino.  Here’s how’s I’m going to do it.

Discipline and protein. A friend, Brian, who is a cross fit fanatic and one of the leanest and disciplined people I know mentioned that he eats protein bars before banquet dinners. YUCK! Most protein bars are not that delicious and therefore I don’t finish. Quest bars and One bars are tasty, but there are multiple ingredients that I need to avoid to stick to my goals.  So I hit the GNC and purchased a brand called “No Cow” whose claim is, No Cow isn’t just for the dairy intolerant, it’s for the bull$#*t intolerant. Those who choose to live a healthy life and demand better.”


These are vegan bars, a type of protein bar, but are plant-based protein, non-dairy and contain only 1g of sugar in each bar. No Cow comes in multiple flavors and I picked up enough to get me through the next 5 days while in Dallas.  Flavors I’m going to try are lemon meringue pie, blueberry cobbler, raspberry truffle bar, mint cacao chip, carrot cake, and finally a chunky peanut butter bar. Considering all the flavors, the maximum protein intake is 22g and the lowest protein count on these bars is 20g. Considering the GNC advisor stated these bars are lacking in flavor, I really hope no cow does not equal cardboard cuisine.


Be a camel. I will also attempt to drink to 3 liters of water minimum daily.  I prefer water that contains electrolytes and my absolute favorite is Life Water. My second go to for water Smart Water and Dasani. These types of water are expected to carry electrical charges that are responsible for stimulating muscles and nerves.  Read more here, “What are the Benefits of Electrolyte Water?”


Binge on vitamins. I will pack a combination of 4 chewable, yes chewable vitamins.  I’ve had a major problem swallowing pills my whole life. The soft chews from GNC include GNC brand magnesium 250 MG at $16.99 and the GNC brand of vitamin B 12 -2500mcg at $19.99, which were by one get one 50% off.  The other two soft chew vitamins are from NEOCELL Beauty Bursts gourmet biotin 10,000mcg at $14.99 and NEOCELL Beauty Burst Gourmet Collagen at $14.99 with super collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

Cut it up.  This part should be a bit easier, don’t be a glutton and cut your portion sizes of food and libations. Most conference-meals are majority chicken, some steak and definitely wine.  If the portion size looks inappropriate or you just don’t know how much to eat, consume only half of the items on your plate. Another tip, thinking ahead to pre-order banquet meals gluten-free can’t hurt, and so I did.  If the meal or after dinner drink of choice is a glass of vino, cut it with club soda to create a Spitzer.  Some people use tonic, however tonic contains sugar, so it’s not the best solution, so choose club soda which has zero sugar.  Once you add club soda, seltzer or tonic to the vino, you now have two servings and one yummy spritzer with 1/2 the calories.

Use technology. Caution, before indulging, proactive tech measures are in order. I’m going to incorporate multiple Apple Watch functions to assure that I’m mindful of my body needs.  Let’s be mindful of the following; avoid sitting too long, dance away the calories, track steps and this is going to be the hardest part for me and that’s to ensure that I take very long walks or go to the gym for cardio only.  I love weight training, however, lifting weights is on hold because I build muscle quickly.  This week’s travel exercise routine is about stretching, walking and standing while networking, yoga and cycling or elliptical.


Pad your paws. How much do you want your dogs barking?  Take super comfortable, yet fashionable or stylish shoe.  For example, Converse sneakers or  lifestyle shoes make you look like you’re intentionally dressed comfortably.  Wedged heels give you balance and height and flats are a no brainer if your natural foot arch doesn’t need require a lot of support.

Beauty and the sleep. Connecting with colleagues and friends is a time sucker. When attending conferences with an agenda, this is where I generally fail at getting some sleep.  Beauty rest of six hours minimum is so needed for the body to rejuvenate!   The Apple Watch sleep tracker function will be enabled and a “go to bed” alarm will be set.  No puffy eyes for me.

Pray for me. My friends, this week is going to feel like an arduous journey, although its only for one week.  I’ll be sure to let you know my successes and failures and if I was able to maintain weight and follow strict eating guidelines.  Wish me mad luck!


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