How to Make Your Wig Part Look Natural in Four Easy Steps. Executive Hair Advice

Let’s make sure your crowning glory is looking as natural as well can get it. We are going to do this in four easy steps and in less than five minutes.

Your wig is like your favorite piece of jewelry, an amazing accessory that finishes off your fabulousness. So, we have to make sure people are staring at you because of your amazing look and style and not your distracting wiggy, doll head. #nooffence

After you’ve laid your wig with your favorite holding product, the part needs to stand out. The reason to take this extra step is because it will do three things:

1. Most importantly, add to the realism of your final look.

2. Disguise the look of the knots, which are the result of how the hair is connected to the wig cap.

3. For some who are not stylists, this is an alternative to bleaching the knots.

You can accomplish this using many different products such as concealer, face powder, light eyeshadow and foundation. For this look I am using Cover FX foundation.

Follow the instructions below and watch the video for additional guince.

Tools needed: A flat thin concealer brush, foundation and a wig already in its final position. I use Got2b glued freezing spray for a worry free day.

How to Define Wig Part:

Step one: Part the wig in the direction you want you hair to fall. For this you can use a comb or rat tail comb.

Step two: Dip concealer brush into a drop of foundation as many times as needed to complete the length of the part.

Step three: starting in any area along the part, dab the edge of the brush lightly onto the head.

Step four: Using fingernails or a comb, rustle the hairline of the part to blend the foundation that may have gotten on your hair. If that doesn’t help and you still have excess, grab a q-tip, dip into alcohol and apply the the hairs with too much product.

Check your face for visible knots. Ensure you apply color along the edge of the hairline on the face if needed.

As you are off to your morning, I am sending you positive vibes filled with confidence.

Please come back and show me how it worked out. Please share any tips you have.

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Quick and Easy Shrimp Dinner Recipe for the Executive on the go.

Mustard greens and shrimp
Keeping making life easier with simple meals

Mustard greens and shrimp

Start off by getting yourself some copper pans because they literally will save time while cooking, efforts when cleaning and you won’t have to worry about balance of temperature. These pans are so amazing, I just don’t know how I’ve ever cooked without! This investment was so worth it because my “ #prettydelish” meals turn out tastier and quicker.

I wasn’t sure how this was going to come out because I tried something new with the mustard greens. First, I added shrimp which is not the norm-and then I was eating with 30 mins.

Coat the pan bottom with olive oil and add shrimp when the oil is hot.

Another key ingredient is bone broth powder, combined with bottled water and additional seasonings; cookon medium low.

Some of the benefits of bone broth are help with restless sleeping, joint pain, weight loss and can reduce inflammation. Since I have knee issues and insomnia many times this ingredient is helpful for me.

Cover with lid for 10-15 mins. Now if your like your greens more al dente then cut off otter 5-10 low boil.

Start shrimp in another pan at same time with little olive oil, pepper, lemon pepper seasoning and then once it was very close to done, put in with the mustard greens to continue to cook in the broth.  

Wash down with Chopin Vodka and soda with squirt of lemon to cleanse the system. 😂

Disclosure- I made sure to have had at least 3/4 gallon of water or more and then I could sip and finish before 8:30pm.

This time makes for a better night’s sleep.



Beautycon Education Sessions: inclusion, sexuality, entrepreneurs and self appreciation.

Hiya Pretty Dolls

Kicking of my birthday month. 🥳#aboutlastweekend


Just a recap of Beautycon NYC education sessions that were available.

One of my favorite sessions was about being self-made and going for your dreams moderated by Manny Gutierrez and nuggets shared by my

If you missed it, there’s always LA or Beautycon 2020.

Makeup Deets

Eyes @anastasiabeverlyhills #rivierapalette

Cheeks and bronze glow @beautybakeryco #coffeeandcocoa

Lips @jeffreestarcosmetics #jeffreestarandrogyny

@patmcgrathreal #fetisheyes mascara

This dress fit right into the Rommel London graphic experience
Hair glitter makes my eyes dance.
Super panel on the struggle, real news, support, challenges of your competitors, staying strong and focused and so much more was shared by these dynamic influencers.

Customize how you meditate or pray for clarity and resolution.

Song on repeat. Focus your thoughts on the goal of resolution and clarity. Meaning, something may feel unsolved and you may need guidance. But how? That same question I’ve asked myself.

Meditation is to clear the mind and prayer is to clear the spirit. Both come from feeling unsettled and a need to find peace or figure out how to help yourself. Both need focus and patience.

I use to wonder why I didn’t hear that voice of God that people say they hear. I would be like- I am meditating, praying and thanking God for what has done. Recently, I finally put some thought into my concern and realized I wasn’t really spending quality time giving thanks or waiting for an answer. I was only focused for a few minutes and with this quick approach to meditation I couldn’t receive the answers I was looking for.

Then I had an aha moment. I realized, I don’t have to follow specific rules to seek help from a higher power. Who’s to say I’m not meditating, praying or giving thanks because I don’t set a timer, sit on a pillow or focus my breathing? It dawned on me (no pun intended) that my non-traditional method to clarity came naturally to me and it works.

So I release every thought that should be tossed out and I focus on peace and love.

Photo by Nextvoyage on Pexels.com

To set my atmosphere for a customized mediation method I use music, unplanned activities, my voice and patience. Scrolling through my Spotify playlist, I land on a special song with an amazing message that lights a fire inside me. Using my voice I ask for guidance, clarity and help with a specific problem. Activities like cleaning, drawing, dancing, crying and lighting candles keeps me relaxed and still in the moment.

As I show gratefulness to my creator, I really feel the song which begins to send waves of joy from my head to my toe, while allowing myself to release the pain, anxiety and sorrow. Patiently I wait for the answers I need; I let lyrics fill my head, my words circle the atmosphere and the feeling of peace move through my body and settle into my soul. The result is liberating and saves me from my destructive subconscious. We all know, we can be our own worst silent enemy.

Only today, at age 48, am I paying enough attention to myself to realize that I have always received answers to my problems or knew what to do next. I also realized that voice of God can respond in more than one way. Some hear His vocal response, while others feel him pulling their heart in a certain direction. Most times at completion of my meditation, I feel a wave of joy that bring me to tears; then I know I have received my answer.

Custom meditation has proven time and time again through my life that there is a guiding spirit that will show you how to move forward. For instance last month; I was dancing, cleaning, attempting to sing at the same tempo to “Aretha Franklin’s, You’re all I need to get by” and asking for guidance and clarity. About an hour later with tears and visions, I finally understood what I needed to do and how to move forward.

Believe in that “feeling” in your gut. When you know something is right for you, understand that there is an internal North Star that will guide you to your destiny. I took the long way to figure all this out. Hopefully, I save you some time.

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

What is your meditation method? How do you seek the answers you need from a higher being? Talk to me.

Your Positive Vibe Guide,

Pretty Til Dawn


Clean Corporate Makeup Look. Step by Step Written Instructions for the Executive On the Go


Pretty Inspiring: Speak your truth and don’t let anyone or anything steal your voice.  As a matter of fact, speak louder and drown out all negativity and remove all stressor triggers.  For this last day of the year, thank God for what you have today and for what he is going to make happen, mediate on positive change 2019, visualize great outcomes, vow to take a breath before spewing words through anger and remove anyone from your life that is not on your team.

My Speak Your Truth Louder t-shirt made me enthusiastic about this post.  I purchased it at a conference I attended earlier this year called, ADCOLOR; an organization supporting people of color in advertising. Talk about inspirational, hearing the reality and truths of so many amazing people of color inspired me even more to put out content that I love. Maybe, just maybe it will help or touch someone.  More about me in another post to come soon.

If you’d like to try this makeup look to stay #PrettyTilDawn, keep reading.

Pretty Makeup: How to Step by Step 

Brushes used include Bdellium, Fenty, KKW and Beauty Blender.

Step 1: Prep freshly washed skin by applying Farsalicare Unicorn Essence with fingertips.

Step 2: Apply Fenty Beauty #profiltrprimer with fingertips.

Step 3: Apply Fenty Beauty #profilterfoundation With @beautyblender #310.

Step 4: Apply KKW Beauty #liquidconcealers #10 and blend with flat tip of double sided Brush II.

Step 5: Apply KKW Beauty #bakingpowder #3 and bake while applying shadow.

Step 6: Prime eyelid Fenty Beauty Amplifying Eye Primer.

Step 7: Using Fenty Brush lightly apply Killawatt freestyle highlighter palette Heartburn heavier on outside crease.

Step 8: Dab Fenty Killawatt freestyle highlighter palette Chillz heavy in center of eyelid and lightly around the rest of the lids.

Step 9: Swipe off KKW Baking Powder w/ other end of Brush II.  The concealer brush two, happens to be 40% off right now.

Step 10: Apply stripe of KKW liquid concealer #14 to high cheekbone, very close, underneath where blush is applied and along your chin-bones.

Step 11: Blend downward at each contour w/ Beauty Blender sponge.

Step 12: Dust Laura Mercier translucent setting powder over your entire #PrettyFace.

Step 13: Apply 3 layers of Milk Makeup Kush Mascara.

Step 14: Circularly apply Sephora Micro Smooth powder #40.

Step 15: Smooth on a light coat of Coconut oil to lips for smooth natural smoochers. Also, remember the coconut oil is an excellent waterproof makeup remover.

And finally, so you can stay #PrettyTilDawn all day with this working woman natural makeup final step follow the final step. 

Step 16: Mist with one of the best finishing sprays by Skindinavia Makeup. 

Hope you try these steps for a clean makeup look, especially if you have a 9-5 and let me know how it works out or if you have any questions.

Coming next is the Pretty Til Dawn You Tube LifeStyle Channel. My goal is to inspire you with positive affirmations, makeup tutorials, chat sessions, taking care of your body, relationships, various styles, executive fashion, maturing challenges  women face and love.

Together we will grow prettier on the inside and the outside!

Dawn aka Carmel Barbie


7 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Eating Lifestyle During a Corporate Conference. Travel prepared.

I’m headed to Dallas for a conference that celebrates women in business -WBENC and I find myself freaking out because I don’t know how I’m going to eat properly all week. In efforts of a healthy lifestyle, I’ve been on an extremely restricted diet for the past month and I and I have 15 more days to go. This lifestyle includes the absolute minimal of carbs, close to zero, if I can help it. Examples of two carbohydrates allowed include Snack Factory Pretzel Chips and Cheerios. In addition, I am not eating sugar, nor oils and the only dairy is two splashes of coconut cream in my coffee in the morning.

What am I actually eating you ask?  Lean meats and fish with one veggie per meal.  Snacks include green apples and pickles to satisfy my need to crunch. So you can imagine why am freaking out! I have no idea how I’m going to stick to this for the next five days while on the road.


My challenges are associated with sugar, portion control and ingredients awareness.   With a no sugar intake approach, means no wine (my go to libation) with the dinners or at the receptions.  Since I’m not cooking, I lose caloric control by not knowing every seasoning applied.  The challenge will be to avoid indulging the yummy treats served constantly to feed our energy.  The toughest part is completing the eating cycle between the hours of 12 PM and 7 PM.

Stress alert: I’m sweating right now just thinking about how I’m going to make sure that happens.  Check out seven tips to travel eating lifestyle solutions which include protein bars, vitamins, water, exercise, no sugar cocktails or modified vino.  Here’s how’s I’m going to do it.

Discipline and protein. A friend, Brian, who is a cross fit fanatic and one of the leanest and disciplined people I know mentioned that he eats protein bars before banquet dinners. YUCK! Most protein bars are not that delicious and therefore I don’t finish. Quest bars and One bars are tasty, but there are multiple ingredients that I need to avoid to stick to my goals.  So I hit the GNC and purchased a brand called “No Cow” whose claim is, No Cow isn’t just for the dairy intolerant, it’s for the bull$#*t intolerant. Those who choose to live a healthy life and demand better.”


These are vegan bars, a type of protein bar, but are plant-based protein, non-dairy and contain only 1g of sugar in each bar. No Cow comes in multiple flavors and I picked up enough to get me through the next 5 days while in Dallas.  Flavors I’m going to try are lemon meringue pie, blueberry cobbler, raspberry truffle bar, mint cacao chip, carrot cake, and finally a chunky peanut butter bar. Considering all the flavors, the maximum protein intake is 22g and the lowest protein count on these bars is 20g. Considering the GNC advisor stated these bars are lacking in flavor, I really hope no cow does not equal cardboard cuisine.


Be a camel. I will also attempt to drink to 3 liters of water minimum daily.  I prefer water that contains electrolytes and my absolute favorite is Life Water. My second go to for water Smart Water and Dasani. These types of water are expected to carry electrical charges that are responsible for stimulating muscles and nerves.  Read more here, “What are the Benefits of Electrolyte Water?”


Binge on vitamins. I will pack a combination of 4 chewable, yes chewable vitamins.  I’ve had a major problem swallowing pills my whole life. The soft chews from GNC include GNC brand magnesium 250 MG at $16.99 and the GNC brand of vitamin B 12 -2500mcg at $19.99, which were by one get one 50% off.  The other two soft chew vitamins are from NEOCELL Beauty Bursts gourmet biotin 10,000mcg at $14.99 and NEOCELL Beauty Burst Gourmet Collagen at $14.99 with super collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

Cut it up.  This part should be a bit easier, don’t be a glutton and cut your portion sizes of food and libations. Most conference-meals are majority chicken, some steak and definitely wine.  If the portion size looks inappropriate or you just don’t know how much to eat, consume only half of the items on your plate. Another tip, thinking ahead to pre-order banquet meals gluten-free can’t hurt, and so I did.  If the meal or after dinner drink of choice is a glass of vino, cut it with club soda to create a Spitzer.  Some people use tonic, however tonic contains sugar, so it’s not the best solution, so choose club soda which has zero sugar.  Once you add club soda, seltzer or tonic to the vino, you now have two servings and one yummy spritzer with 1/2 the calories.

Use technology. Caution, before indulging, proactive tech measures are in order. I’m going to incorporate multiple Apple Watch functions to assure that I’m mindful of my body needs.  Let’s be mindful of the following; avoid sitting too long, dance away the calories, track steps and this is going to be the hardest part for me and that’s to ensure that I take very long walks or go to the gym for cardio only.  I love weight training, however, lifting weights is on hold because I build muscle quickly.  This week’s travel exercise routine is about stretching, walking and standing while networking, yoga and cycling or elliptical.


Pad your paws. How much do you want your dogs barking?  Take super comfortable, yet fashionable or stylish shoe.  For example, Converse sneakers or  lifestyle shoes make you look like you’re intentionally dressed comfortably.  Wedged heels give you balance and height and flats are a no brainer if your natural foot arch doesn’t need require a lot of support.

Beauty and the sleep. Connecting with colleagues and friends is a time sucker. When attending conferences with an agenda, this is where I generally fail at getting some sleep.  Beauty rest of six hours minimum is so needed for the body to rejuvenate!   The Apple Watch sleep tracker function will be enabled and a “go to bed” alarm will be set.  No puffy eyes for me.

Pray for me. My friends, this week is going to feel like an arduous journey, although its only for one week.  I’ll be sure to let you know my successes and failures and if I was able to maintain weight and follow strict eating guidelines.  Wish me mad luck!

What is your destiny? Be a risk taker. Follow your heart and live your best life!

“If you’re not a risk taker, in my opinion you’re probably not living your best life and you’re definitely not on the way to your destiny.”

Sometimes it’s hard to see through mucky waters. TRY FAITH. Then watch your meanings in life become Unquestionably Clear.

I woke up on July 30th 2019 and felt this need for change. I mentioned my life pivot to just one person, my daughter. I happened to be on the trip in Chicago, where she resides. I said to my baby girl, who happens to be a 24 year old adult, that there’s this tugging inside forcing me to make a change.

There were many, many reasons that this change could be great and a couple that were directly conflicting with the simplicity of my life as it was. One major reason for the move is that my parents are getting older and my mother feels happiest when I’m around. Another reason included invoking peace and mental reset gained by grounding myself with nature.

When I go to the beach, put my feet in the water, plant my feet in the sand, look up to the heavens and soak in the sun and whisper prayers to the Almighty; all the stress and worries of the week washes away.

Back to how this happened: on July 31, 2019, I sent a text to two of my best friends and said, “I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I just broke my apartment lease and I’m moving to Asbury Park.” The response from one made me laugh out loud literally- “we already know you’re crazy.” Essentially they both said'” we got you.” That’s what happens when you surround yourself with people that know you, love you and will throw out a net for you when you take a leap of faith.

I’m writing a story because if you ever feel a constant tugging, take heed. If you feel and urgent need to do something, you need to do it.

I don’t know, today why I needed to make this change. However, I sense there’s a trajectory change of my future and I don’t want you to ignore the signs guiding you towards your destiny.

Fear generally stops me and it did try to set in after the fact. After the high wire off and I told a couple more people, buyers remorse was setting in. You know that feeling, it’s like a gut punch that comes as a delayed reaction, a knot in your throat, the over questioning of your self once or the voice of doubt sounds like thunder, louder than ever.

I am here to tell you when you get that feeling, yet you knew without a doubt you are making a right decision-have faith and trust God.

This is not meant to be some religious sermon and you shouldn’t take it as such. Faith is an action that people take every day.

So I challenge you to try faith! Listen and do what your internal compass is telling you to do.

I’ve never been happier. My home finally actually feels like a home. My weekends finally feel like a reset so that on Monday I am the best employee, entrepreneur and creative talent that I could ever be.

This is one of my little stories about taking a leap of faith, and doing something that, at the moment, did not make sense.

Yet, my decision made all the sense in the world. What’s your story?

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